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I have been practicing yoga for a little over 2 years now and Shanel’s class is the best class you could attend. The classes are all very well balanced catering for students of all levels. They are always fun and as challenging as you need them too be. Her approachable friendly teaching style makes for an extremely enjoyable class, where you are encouraged to progress your practice while listening to your body. Shanel’s in depth knowledge means there is always a wide variety of poses at her disposal to help students transition into a pose or adopt an alternative pose if one is unnecessarily painful or injury is preventing it. I cannot recommend Shanel’s class highly enough. It has become an essential part of my week.

Dan Moodie

Shanel is a superb yoga teacher. She is professional and friendly. Being a disabled beginner, I opted for 121 practices. Shanel is very patient and calm but takes no prisoners and shows no mercy, pushing you to the brink of destruction only to prove to yourself that you are capable.

Shanel is knowledgable, she really knows her stuff and is able to adept a pose or entire practice to incorporate my capabilities and still achieve the desired effect.
If I have any doubts about a pose, Shanel is able to explain it and the benefits of it. She is also very encouraging and helpful when it comes to nerves or fears in a practice.

Shanel’s enthusiasm for yoga and teaching yoga was obvious from our first practice. She genuinely enjoys what she does and it shows, for all the seriousness of each practice, each and every one has been fun and enjoyable.

Through her guidance, I have really been enjoying my yoga practices. I feel better and stronger, both physically and mentally. Through her teaching methodologies Shanel’s yoga practices have, without a doubt, enriched my life.

Adam Quantrill

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